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Welcome to Sugar Promotions, we are looking forward to working with you!
5 Star feedback from all our guests is our top priority at all our events. Are you a smartly presented, professional DJ, with great ability to read the crowd? Can you keep the dancefloor busy and own your own neat and tidy rig with professional playout system, DJ Booth, Sound system and lighting Rig? Can you say yes to all the above? Then join our thriving entertainment business offering professional disco services at Weddings, Parties and Corporate events across Britain.

Personal Info

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DJ Info

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Year you started professionally DJ'ing: 
Karaoke offered (not including youtube/karafun)?

Your Promise to us

I agree that I will be the personal performer and that I will not sub-contract any work, or pass on any work to an employee that has been supplied by Sugar Promotions.
I agree that I will provide an unbranded disco service, and that you will introduce yourself to the client as [name] of Sugar Promotions.

Our Promise to you

Of course you will provide our clients an amazing experience! In which case they will most probably want to book again. If you are approached by our client to perform at another event, you agree to provide details of Sugar Promotions and you do not hand out any of your own details. In such cases, YOU will be offered first refusal on any repeat bookings which may arise from your event.

Payment Info

Payments are processed 7 days after each event, and are paid automatically by BACs.
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Bank Account No: 

Legal Bits

I understand that I am to register self employed (if not already done so), and that I am responsible for my own Tax, National Insurance and Pension contributions, and that no employer contributions or holiday entitlement will me given.
I have current valid PAT in place, and will continue to do so for all events supplied by Sugar Promotions.
I have current valid PLI in place, and will continue to do so for all events supplied by Sugar Promotions.

What happens next?

You are just about to hit the Submit Button. Once you do, your details will be saved on our system and will be checked by our admin team. You will also be asked to email the following...
Your current valid PAT certificate
Your current valid PLI certificate
A Recent Rig Picture
A Recent Head Shot Picture
Your website and social media links - Required for verification purposes.
See you on the other side!
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