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Welcome to Sugar Promotions - The Live Wedding Streaming Specialists

Hello and Congratulations on your engagement!

So, you wish to live stream your Wedding? As a Wedding and A/V specialist, Sugar Promotions are the ideal company to stream your Wedding!

As you know, with the recent devastating government guidelines surrounding covid-19, only 15 guests are allowed to attend your Wedding ceremony, and these guidelines will be in place for a long time to come, so let’s adapt to a very exciting new concept, live streaming your Wedding.

Your Wedding is the one special day you always dreamed of, sharing it with your family and friends. Have you thought about using the rule of 15 as a way to create a beautiful, special, intimate Ceremony with your nearest and dearest, focusing clearly on the promises you make to each other while allowing your loved ones to watch from the comfort of their home?

You can still have the perfect Wedding!

The top 5 reasons to book Sugar Promotions for your LIVE Wedding stream!
• Unlimited guests can enjoy your ceremony
• We are Covid-19 secure
• Your Ceremony can be watched anywhere in the world
• Your guests can interact using video messaging with our exciting digital guestbook
• You receive your own copy of the full footage of your Ceremony the very next day!

What is live Wedding streaming?
Live streaming is where you share your special day LIVE to everyone you love who are not able to be there on your special day. Whether its your family overseas, elderly or shielding relatives or just the peace of mind for any last-minute emergencies – everyone can be with you when you tie the knot. Maybe you have guests coming to your evening reception, but they can’t attend during the daytime. Now they won’t miss a thing!

Why should I choose Sugar Promotions to stream my Wedding?
At Sugar Promotions we have been installing A/V & lighting equipment to local businesses and planning, providing entertainment at, and attending Weddings for over 10 years now. We have a fantastic relationship and reputation with lots of local venues, suppliers, registrars, and celebrants and have the equipment and technical expertise to provide a 1st class service.

How does it work?
Our technical team will attend on the day before the ceremony starts to set up our discreet recording equipment. We will then stream your Wedding Ceremony to your family and friends watching back home. We LIVE stream the Ceremony and your Ceremony is also recorded in HD.

Is it easy to use?
Its incredibly easy to use! The happy couple don’t need to worry about a thing on the day. We set up the equipment, stream it, pack down and provide you with the footage the very next day!

Do my guests have to download anything to watch?
No, each couple will have their own dedicated web address and page built for them; They can watch using any device connected to the internet including mobile phones, tablets, TV's, Home computers and more...

How do my guests use it?
You will have your own private Wedding page that you can share in advance with your watching guests with no need to sign up or log in! Its so simple, we tested it on my 82-year-old Grandmother with limited laptop knowledge and she loved it. Your page will be personal with stories of how you first met, first dates and much more. Your guests even have a countdown to the Ceremony! We can show you a demo page too.

Can my guests interact?
Yes, exciting news! We can create a digital guestbook! Your viewing guests can even leave private and personal video messages on your page during and after the service. These are stored for you privately and these can be downloaded and kept forever.

Is there a limit to how many guests can live stream?
No, the numbers are unlimited! We are a licenced E-There partner, as such we use their load bearing servers, which in short, means whether you have 2 or 200 guests watching, the quality remains the same.

Does my venue need a fast internet connection, what if it drops out on the day?
The unique set up of our equipment means we rely on a much smaller upload speed that the likes of Facebook or Zoom conference calling facilities. Even if your venue has a poor internet connection do not despair, we have used our equipment in very rural locations with poor wi-fi connection using our unique video compression techniques.

Do you have a backup in place?
Yes, most definitely! Firstly, we arrive early on the day to set up the connections and we always carry spare audio and visual equipment with us. We use the venue Wi-fi but also carry our own sim card router and tethered internet connections. In the unlikely event of a complete internet blackout, our live stream also records the ceremony in HD so this can be uploaded to your page afterwards so your guests can still enjoy the ceremony on the day.

Why shouldn’t I attempt this myself using Zoom or Facebook?
There are many perks to using Sugar Promotions for your live stream.

• Sugar Promotions vs Zoom: We require no log in, no set up by the couple or guests, Muting/Unmuting of microphones or technical difficulties when getting 100 people to log in and view the same stream.

• Sugar Promotions vs Facebook: We are licenced to play pre recorded music via the PRS and use our own private server, Facebook will block live streams with pre-recorded music playing.

• Sugar Promotions vs Facetime: You would much prefer your guests to sit and watch the ceremony rather than waving a mobile phone around. Also, facetime is a one to one connection and you wouldn’t want your guests all on phones recording to different people. Let them enjoy the ‘unplugged’ Ceremony in all its beauty.

• Sugar Promotions vs You Tube: Unless you have 1,000 followers on your own You Tube channel set up in advance, you won’t be able to live stream yourself using this method.

• Overall Sugar Promotions is a much more personal experience and our customer service team are on hand throughout the booking process as well as on the day, giving you complete peace of mind.

What if my Guests are not in the UK?
The stream is broadcast live on the internet on your own dedicated webpage which is available in all countries around the World!

What if my Wedding isn't local?
Being part of the E-There network, we are able to broadcast your wedding from anywhere in the UK, Europe and further afield (p.s. we prefer the warmer countries!)

Sugar Promotions Live Wedding Streaming Packages

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